Youssef Kharoubi

One day after his Win at the North Rhine Westphalia Championships we had a great photoshoot again with Youssef Kharoubi aka Bollyboy at the Hardcore Station Aachen. This old school bodybuilding gym inspired me to take some shots on film with my Mamiya RZ67. I tried to work like the classic bodybuilding photographers in the old days. The Flex magazine was always a great inspiration and also motivation for me. So this was a good chance to combine the old school look of the gym with film photography of old days. Have a look at the work of photographers like Per Bernal, Alex Ardenti, Chris Lund, Mike Neveux or Kevin Horton. Some of them still are the best bodybuilding and fitness photographers in the world.
All images shot on film – no postproduction. the black and white images were developed and scanned by myself. the color images were developed and scanned by the great lab: MeinFilmLab. Many thanks for their great work! I hope you enjoy!
Of course we shot a lot of digital stuff as well. I will post some images later on. so stay tuned 😉

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