Nelson Lopes – Fitness Model

The FIBO 2017 in Cologne was a great opportunity to meet athletes and to collaborate with amazing models. I am very honored to have the chance to work with such inspiring athletes like Nelson Lopes! The photo shoot was quite short, but with Pros like Nelson you just don’t need much time. Every single frame looks awesome. A very big thank you to Nelson for his commitment! After 3 days of Fibo and another photo shoot before our appointment he was still focused and showed so much energy. I can’t thank him enough for this tough work! After our photo shoot he left to another video shoot. At 10pm in the evening after a long long day. I wish him a good recovery after this weekend at the FIBO and all the best for his upcoming contests!
I hope to work with him again soon! Enjoy the photos!

Also many thanks to CrossFit Am Dom for the awesome location! Thanks a lot!

All images taken with the Fuji GFX50s

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