Steelmace Flow by Leo Savage

Just some time ago we attended an awesome Trainer Certification of Leo Savage – Master Trainer of Steelmace Flow. It was great to see the energy and spirit of Leo and the Steelmace taking over and it was inspiring to feel his love for this cool tool. The Steelmace Flow combines strength and mobility training with elements of martial art movements and also yoga. The vibes between the attandees and the trainer were really touching and it was clearly visible that Leo and the Steelmace can change lives. Please make sure to check out Leos website: for more infos …

Strongmove Athletic Club

Some time ago we worked together with Björn Schinke and his team at his great Personal Training Gym Strongmove Athletic Club in Cologne to produce Content for website and Social Media. It was a great time and we shot a lot of images in different light situations and settings. Please check out and learn more about Björns incredible work! Many thanks to Strongmove Athletic Club!

KDK DM 2019

Last weekend we visited the KDK DM 2019 in Kassel. It was a great weekend with strong athletes and exciting competitions and a lot of new german records. Powerlifting is a great sport and it was fun to capture the athletes backstage and on stage. Special thanks to our team Kraftsport Colonia for the great time! Check out the photos!!

Dennis James Classic Germany

Last weekend we supported our friend Youssef Kharoubi at the Dennis James Classic Germany in Frankfurt. The atmosphere was really awesome especially when David Hoffmann took the stage and qualified for the Olympia 2019. Youssef could place 4th in his class. his condition was on spot in the final round as you can see on the pictures! it was great to see him on stage and I look forward seeing him compete again after 1 or 2 years again. Its not over until you won Youssef!

Anarchy Apparel

In December we had a great photo shooting for the sports brand Anarchy Apparel with the awesome Model Stephi. Anarchy Apparel produces amazing leggings with unique designs. have a look at their clothing line. Many thanks to Stephi for her great work and passion! Have a look at some of our work!

MAXLER Photoshooting

A while ago we produced image photos for the international sports nutrition brand Maxler with their amazing athletes Katja and Dennis. Many thanks to both athletes for their professional and passionate work. it was much fun working with them! hopefully we work again soon. also many thanks to Maxler and to Trainingslager Köln!

Tom Platz Seminar

Tom Platz Seminar at Trainingslager Köln Some weeks ago we had the honor to host the legendary golden eagle Tom Platz himself for a seminar at our gym Trainingslager Köln. Check out some impressions of this awesome day! Many thanks again to Tom and his lovely wife Cha for making this happen and to everybody who joined the seminar! to be continued…

Youssef Kharoubi

One day after his Win at the North Rhine Westphalia Championships we had a great photoshoot again with Youssef Kharoubi aka Bollyboy at the Hardcore Station Aachen. This old school bodybuilding gym inspired me to take some shots on film with my Mamiya RZ67. I tried to work like the classic bodybuilding photographers in the old days. The Flex magazine was always a great inspiration and also motivation for me. So this was a good chance to combine the old school look of the gym with film photography of old days. Have a look at the work of photographers like …

BiotechUSA Crew

The Fibo 2017 was a cool event again and we had great photoshoots with awesome athletes. On monday the BiotechUSA Crew came to our gym Trainingslager Köln for a video shoot. We were lucky to take some photos of the athletes as well and we are very glad that we had the chance to work with Ulisses, Roger Snipes, Stephanie Davis, Sandra Prikker, Catharina Wahl, Sebastian Mansla, Robin Balogh, Virag Kiss, Justin St. Paul, Ania Malys and many others. Many thanks to Peter Molnar from BiotechUSA and the whole team! It was great fun!

Nelson Lopes – Fitness Model

The FIBO 2017 in Cologne was a great opportunity to meet athletes and to collaborate with amazing models. I am very honored to have the chance to work with such inspiring athletes like Nelson Lopes! The photo shoot was quite short, but with Pros like Nelson you just don’t need much time. Every single frame looks awesome. A very big thank you to Nelson for his commitment! After 3 days of Fibo and another photo shoot before our appointment he was still focused and showed so much energy. I can’t thank him enough for this tough work! After our photo …